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Festus George-Sawyerr, Relaxation Expert, working in the industry for over a decade, Flotation Therapy, Personal Development and NLP Consultant. The world’s foremost expert in combining Floatation Therapy with Personal Development, author of The Deepest Form of Relaxation and ANYWHERE (a book on Personal Development), Owner at City Relaxation Centre. Aims to get his Clients to be self motivated…you don’t need a life Coach to remind you of what you know, you need to be able to act on what you know.

Festus George-Sawyerr

BookNowFestus George-Sawyerr, is passionate about helping his Clients discover their reasons or purpose for being here. How? Well, he first of all help you raise your energy levels through Flotation Therapy, and through Personal Development, discover what you’re passionate about. He takes you through a journey of re-discovering your youthful glow, by detoxing and loosening all tight muscles, and increasing your mental sharpness by shutting down the dominant side of your brain.

More importantly, City Relaxation Centre, helps combat those stress hormones that keep you up all night and open your eyes to the benefits of natural healing.

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City Relaxation Centre is an independent NLP and Floatation Therapy Centre in London, that stands by its services 100%. It is a business formed around caring and helping people discover their full potential with a relaxed approach. We help you commit to “ME TIME”, which we find difficult to do these days.

Objective Our main objective is to reduce STRESS and help people go about their daily lives in a RELAXED state of mind. Encourage you to lead a fit and healthy life, NATURALLY!

12354031_1520120038314521_1097055425_nAbout us,  our vision is to help those who want to take their lives to the next level.  Running your life from a less stressful environment, gives you the advantage or the edge if you will, to see things for what they are.

Health & Safety City Relaxation Centre takes health & safety very seriously;  The water in your Floatation tank is changed after every session in compliance with health and safety regulations, high contents of Magnesium Sulphate provides a sterile solution that is filtered through, about four times, after every session.

We also provide you with under water lightening, which you control, plus easy to access buttons which can open and close your Floatation Tank door at anytime, should you wish to.

On arrival, all clients are briefed on our emergency evacuation procedures, should such an event occur, clients will be conversant with the centre’s evacuation procedures.

About us, In the unfortunate event of any cancellation, please notify us, preferably by calling; 0845 299 6185, or write to info@cityrelaxationcentre.com, 48 hours prior to your session. As a place would have been reserved for you, there will be a charge, or the loss of your voucher/payment, or coupon if you do not contact us within this period.

We look forward to being of service, as you start your journey to creating lasting change, good health, wealth and vitality, through regular Floating.

Live everyday with a SMILE.

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