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 130My name is Festus George-Sawyerr, Author of “The Deepest Form of Relaxation” and this is how I got here.

As a kid I was always ill, allergic to almost everything, and couldn’t even go outside to play with friends, and then looking outside the window one day, I made a vow to become very healthy and strong.  As I grew older, working very hard and studying was very hard for me, and attempting to start a family made it worse, most of the time I didn’t think it was worth my while, and I couldn’t feel the real me. I was beginning to settle for less as I was trying to convince myself that was life.

When I discovered Floatation Therapy, I gave myself permission to step forward in business as who I really am, I discovered my joy and passion in life, which is helping others figure out what they’re really here to do, how to make it happen, and that’s why I love helping people build and enjoy a healthy lifestyle that truly expresses who they really are, by transforming into regular floaters.

Understanding what it means to work harder on myself than on my job/businesses, could not be clearer. So if you happen to be one of those who take the stress of your work place to your home, we can help you get the discipline to switch off, and open your eyes to enjoying the things you work so hard for. Some people work so hard they don’t even have any energy left to enjoy what they are working for. What a sad place to be!

Now I can stay up late if I choose to, I can ignore a ringing phone if I chose to, I can go to sleep at night and sleep very well, get up very early, run for an hour, and place myself in a peak state to look after my businesses and switch off when I leave my workplace.

A sad case I was dealing with lately, one of my clients who jumped out of his bath trying to answer his telephone, fell heavily and hurt his back. Now looking after his back is one thing. getting the discipline he needs to switch off from external stimuli, and stay in control of his life is much more important.

 We are here to help……….

If any of these relates, or you know of friends and family, who are looking at regaining control of their lives, then please give Mary a call today; 0845 299, 6185 or book online.


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